You may want an artistic version of a photo, that abstracts from reality.

You or your children may also want to avoid AI recognition, face swapping and deepfakes on social media and the internet.


It is an algorithm described by a voronoi diagram, mapping images with smaller shapes, obscuring details of the content itself.

The level of obscurity is customizable with a default calculated based on the image size.

Mapping is randomized so the likelyhood of an image producing the same obscure versions is low.

File formats supported are JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP.

When you upload an image it is obfuscated and saved to a temporary filesystem.
As a failsafe, processing images occurs in a temporary file system that gets cleared every 12 hours or startup.

More obscurity algorithms are being looked at to add in the future.


The veil was made by Ryan Jennings @ Micrantha

Based of the work by Daniel Kerner and Samuel Roze

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